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Graduate School of Public Administration is an academic community of master's degree and certificate program.

In order to systematically study public policy issues and to train administrative professionals, we obtained a licence in 1981 and began our master's program on March and mid-career program on September of 1982 and executive program on September of 1984.

Master's program offers four majors which are public policy, local autonomy administration, North Korean Studies and Social Welfare. 

Certificate program for mid-career professionals as well as executives contributes to social development by educating professionals in public policy areas by combining theory with practice.

As of 2006, our department conferred 495 M.A.s and 1938 and 461 certificates for students who completed mid-career program and executive program. Presently, there are 140 students enrolled for master's program and 72 students enrolled for certificate program.

Graduates of our program are contributing to development of our society by working at government, public enterprises, public organizations and private companies.

In order to become an elite, we believe that professional knowledge is crucial but it is an insight that is required more as you go up the ladder in social hierarchy.

Our faculty and staffs will make every effort in educating talented people to gain  both knowledge and insight.

Thank you.

Kim, Kwon Jeep

Professor and Dean


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