Master's Program

Admission Process for Graduate School of Public Administration(Master's Program)

1. Admission Overview

A. Master's Program for Public Administration: 75 Students(Night Program)

B. Majors: Public Administration, Local Autonomy Administration, North Korean Studies and Social-Welfare

                 Military officials who are recommended by Chief of Staff will be admitted outside of regular admission based on the agreement of university and Korean Army chief of staff.


2. Admission Requirements

 Graduate School of Public Administration offers admission to students based on the evaluation of

    A.  Academic Documents(Undergraduate G.P.A.)

    B.  Interview

    C.  Resume

3. Test Date and Location

A. Interview : 2005. 12. 03(Sat) 09:30~

B. Location : Graduate School of Public Administration

4. Distribution of Test Registration Form 

A. Date : 2005. 12. 03(Sat) 09:00

B. Location : Administrative Office

5. Minimum Application Requirements

A. You must hold or expect to hold prior to the beginning of classes a bachelors degree from  accredited Korean universities or hold a degree equivalent of a bachelor's.

     B. You must hold a bachelor's degree from accredited universities abroad and be approved by university president. 

6. Distribution and Submission of Applications

A. Distribution of Applications : 2005 11. 14(Mon) 2005. 11. 24(Thur) (During Regular Office Hours)

B. Submission of Applications :  2005. 11. 17(Thur) 2005. 11. 24(Thur) (During Regular Office Hours)

     ( Application sent thru mail should arrive by 18:00 in order to be valid)

C. Location : Administrative Office

D. Application Fee  : 50,000 Won

7. Required Documents

A. Application Form (Distributed by Graduate School of Public Administration)

B. Diploma or Certificate

C. Transcript

 (* Those who are expected to graduate should include all grades up to the first semester of their senior year)

D. Resume(Only those who are applicable)

8. Offer of Admission

A. Date : 2005. 12. 23(Fri)

B. Location : Thru our Website (

We will not individually notify to candidates who are offered admission on a condition, those who are offered admission should pick up acceptance letter at the office in person.

9. Privileges

A. Those who are admitted with excellent standing will be granted a scholarship within 30% of newly admitted.

B. Those who complete Master's Program could apply for Ph.D. program for Public Administration, Political Science & International Relations, Local Autonomy Administration and Social Welfare.  

10. Attention

A. A military official applying as a consignment student should notify his/her position on the top of an application form.

B. All documents turned in and an application fee will not be returned.

C. If the information given on application form is found false, university could cancel the offer of an admission.

D. University could reject admission to those who do not meet our academic criteria.

E. Those who are offered an admission should submit extra documents within specified date. If required documents are not submitted by the deadline, university could rescind the offer of an admission.

F. Waiting list(within 10% of newly admitted) is notified on the day of admission announcement and admission will be offered only to those who submit an agreement form to our administrative office.

G. If you are sending an application through regular mail, you should include money order of the amount of 50,000 won and should confirm with the administrative office of its delivery.

* For further information,
please contact our administrative office(Social Science Bldg. 2nd Fl.)

 ۢ(042) 821-52235

Daejon Yusunggu Gungdong 220 Chungnam National University Graduate School of Public Administration(Social Science Bldg. 2nd Fl.

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