Graduate School of Public Administration Regulation

  2006. 03. 01 

Regulation 1274

Chapter 1. General Provision

Section 1(Purpose) This section prescribe administrative matters necessary for the smooth operation of Graduate School of Public Administration under Section 97 of university provisions.

Section 2(Class Type) Our program is based on night classes.

Chapter 2. Organization

Section 3(Organization)

1. Graduate School employs the dean, associate dean and coordinating professor

2. Associate dean is appointed by the university president following the recommendation of the Dean and support the Dean in administrative affairs.

3. Dean of undergraduate program holds dual position as coordinating professor and takes charge of educational affairs.

Section 4(Committee for Graduate School)

1. Committee for Graduate School of Public Administration will be formed in accordance with section 1 of university provisions.

2. Committee is formed with the dean and 6-8 members who are appointed by the university president following the recommendation of the dean.

3. Committee is required to have the majority participation and 2/3 of the vote in order to make a decision.

Chapter 3. Enrollment and Major

Section 5(Enrollment Process) Students who wish to enroll for the program should submit following documents along with an enrollment fee.

1. Application Form

2. Official Diploma(Certificate of Completion)

3. Transcript

4. Other documents prescribed by the dean

Section 6(Admission Process)

1. In accordance with chapter 77 of university provisions, admission process goes thru following

A. Documents Evaluation 

B. Interview

2. The dean could arrange admission process as he/she seems fit.

Section 7(University Fee for Students Who Stay Beyond 2 Years) Students who stay beyond 2 years because of lack of credits will be waived a part of university fee  based on credits applied. The method to calculate waived amount is prescribed by university. 

Section 8(Change of Major) If students wish to change majors, he/she should submit following documents and receive an approval from the dean

1. Change of Major Form

2. Transcript

3. Advisor's Written Opinion

Chapter 4. Class Enrollment and Completion

Section 9(Curriculum)

1. Curriculum is determined after the approval of university president following the committee's review.

2. Each class is given 3 units and 1 unit requires at least 15  class hours including exams.

Section 10(Opening of a Class)

1. Every semester, coordinating professor should submit the list of classes 3 month prior to the beginning of semester to the dean and seek an approval.

2. In order to open up a new class, at least 3 students should be enrolled. However, in case of the dean's approval, a new class can be opened with less than 3 students enrolled. 

Section 11(Class Completion)

1. Students should apply for classes based on the recommendation of advisor or coordinating professor and they may apply for 6 units per semester at maximum.

2.  Up to 6 units taken outside of a major can be counted towards major units.

3. Students who wish to retake courses should submit an application. Retaking courses automatically cancels grades earned on earlier classes.

Section 12(Classes Taken Outside of University)

1. Classes taken at other universities before entering our school can be counted towards major units by submitting an application within 2 month of entering which will be reviewed by the committee.

2. Students wish to enroll classes at other universities should get a recommendation from coordinating professor as well as an approval by the dean within enrollment period and should submit grades before beginning of the following semester.

Section 13(Grades Report) Professors should submit grades to the dean within a week after the exam.

Section 14(Course Completion)

1. Students who were enrolled for at least 4 semesters and took 24 units or more with at least 3.0 GPA will be acknowledged for their completion of a program.

2. Completion will be certified at the end of each semester.

Section 15(Expulsion) Students who get a D in all the classes enrolled in a given semester will be expelled.

Chapter 5. Conferral of Diploma

Part 1. Qualifying Exam

Section 16(Qualification) Students who completed at least 3 semesters and earned 18 units or more with at least 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply for qualifying exam.

Section 17(Subject) 3 subjects will be chosen from major classes and will be tested on a qualifying exam.  

Section18(Committee) Members of the committee for qualifying exam are chosen among professors of the relevant subject and appointed by the dean.

Section 19(Exam Date) Qualifying exam will be given on March and September of every year.

Section 20(Passing) Students should earn 70 points out of 100 in order to pass the qualifying exam. Students should retake qualifying exam on a failed subject at a later date in order to pass.  

Part 2.  Final Project

Section 21(Advisor) After the 1/2 of fall semester, advisors will be appointed by the dean following a recommendation of a coordinating professor. Advisors guide students through class enrollment, writing final project and other academic matters.

Section 22(Qualification for Submitting Final Project) Among students who have completed or are expected to complete, only the ones that passed the qualifying exam and submitted a final project proposal will be eligible to turn in a final project.

Section 23(Process and Period of Submitting Final Project) Students who wish to have their final project evaluated should submit 3 copies of their final project along with application for evaluation within designated period.

Section 24(Writing Final Project) Final Project should be written in Korean and should include English summary.

Section 25(Screening) Final project evaluation will go through 3 stages; presentation, interview, final evaluation. Interview will be conducted on the same day of presentation.

Section 26(Formation of Committee)

1. For evaluation, 3 member-committee is formed and members will be appointed by the dean following the advisor's recommendation.

2. The dean could designate one of the members as a judge so he/she could proceed with the evaluation. 

Section 27(Passing grade for Screening) The maximum number of marks for interview is 100. Students will get a passing grade if they get 80 points or above from two of the committee members. On final evaluation, students will graded based on pass/no pass.  In order to pass the final evaluation, students require "pass" from two of the committee members.

Section 28(Submitting Copies of Final Project) Students who pass the final evaluation should submit 2 copies of final project with signature of all committee members and 6 more copies along with application for evaluation to the dean within designated date.

Section 29(Evaluation Fee) Students who wish to submit their final project should pay an evaluation fee determined by the dean.

Part 3. Conferral of Diploma

Section 30(Conferral of Diploma) Students who pass the evaluation will be conferred M.A. for Public Administration.

Chapter 6. Open-Lecture, Research and Consignment

Section 31(Open-Lecture)

1. In accordance with section 47 of university provisions, our school could create open-lecture program and the dean will determine matters regarding the operation.

2. Those who complete open-lecture program will be conferred a certificate and they could be issued a copy of certificate.

Secton 32(Research)

1. In accordance with section 20 of university provisions, our school could create a research program.

2. A research program will be of one year and students participating in this program will not be allow to stay more than 2 years.

3. Students could enroll for no more than 2 classes offered in master's program in a given semester.

4. Our school could issue a certificate to students who complete this program.

5. The dean determines matters regarding admission requirements and operation.

Section 33(Consignment) Students who are consigned by other organizations could be  taught based on the agreement.

Supplementary Provision

Section 34(Authority) The dean will enact articles necessary for the smooth operation of this regulation.

Additional Provision

Section 1(Effective Date) This provision is effective on the date of announcement.

Section 2(Measures taken before) Measures taken before the enactment of this general provision, rules for conferment and rules for school affairs is considered to be in accordance with new provisions.

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